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Ecu tuning and what we can do

Are you having issues with your car

(EG) EGR valve

Diesel particulate filter or other issues ?

Here at Staffordshire remaps and carbon cleans

We have the tools and knowledge to get your car running again.

We are able to do EGR valve work as in removal and deleted from ecu this can be included in a remap or on its own with out any upgrades same goes for the DPF system and ADBLUE all work carried out in house.

EGR can be cleaned or blanked and deleted

DPF can be cleaned or removed and deleted

Adblue can be deleted this is Vehicle and ecu dependant

Prices start from

£45 carbon clean for engine with EGR

DPF cleans from £150

Deleted from ecu start at £100 or free with a remap starting at £150

Give us a call or drop us a message and see what we can do for you

Fully mobile also

01283 296992 (office)

07484286312 (mobile)

We have successfully tuned hundreds of vehicles

Find us on Google with over 85,5 star reviews and Facebook

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